About Our Team

Meet Derek 


Meet Derek 💨

Derek is the store manager of Top Shelf, and he brings with him years of service in the Air Force since 2013 and a lifetime of experience growing up in the South. He always puts others first, strives to exceed customer expectations, and leads by example.

 “I started working at Top Shelf Canna because with this industry becoming more socially accepted, being able to educate people and change their perception of the hemp/alternative cannabinoid industry is amazing! Connecting with everyone that walks through the door, and being able to guide them to what suits them best is a rewarding feeling!”

Meet Justin

Meet Justin 💨

 "I started working at Top Shelf Canna because my first time entering the store I felt welcomed. everything was extremely clean & open, and the employees were extremely knowledgeable. I have always seen benefits from hemp, and Top Shelf Canna has a TON of lab-tested products & knowledge towards the industry. I knew I wanted to be a part of the community and help inform our customers as much as possible. 🌱"

Meet Justin

Meet Jeremy 💨

 “I started at Top Shelf because I enjoy helping others, and I’ve always had a fascination with hemp & alternative cannabinoids, and all of it's benefits. I want to be able to bring this community together by offering the knowledge about the many benefits while guiding others in the direction to find what works for them. We have a TON of lab tested and high quality products to help everyone from pain management to just a relaxing afternoon”

 We take pride in educating our community and helping in anyway we can! 🤞🏼